Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an executive, in-between jobs, a student or just someone to test out your business ideas, you will certainly need the help of a coach. 

Run through this set of questions and reflect on whether or not you would benefit from professional help. There is no score, just run through these questions and have a think about how you will succeed if you had professional help.

Do you: 

  • Have trouble setting and achieving goals and objectives? 
  • Need someone to have a concerned overview of your plans?
  • Need to cut through mental blocks and fears?
  • Have a problem with clutter, both real and mental?
  • Struggle to meet financial security and independence?
  • Find it hard to strike a balance between business and personal life?
  • Find it difficult to make key decisions and designing strategies?
  • Need to learn how to communicate more powerfully and effectively?
  • Have trouble maintaining relationships?
  • Find yourself blocked by a glass ceiling and can’t grow further? 
  • Making an important life transition?
  • Trying to get yourself out of a rut?
  • Trying to grow a new business?
  • Wonder how do people achieve so much with so little?
  • Just want to get more organised? 
  • Need someone to help you meet your goals and targets?


If you want to speak with me to bounce some ideas with you, give me a call at 123 4567 or email me at jennifer@jenniferlim.sg and let’s start a conversation!

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